Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Effortless Custom Beer Pong Tables Methods Revealed

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Learn how to make your very own beer pong table make your next party unforgettable by crafting your own beer pong table. Paying tribute to your favorite teams or make a design of your own aside for making you the life of the party and a chick magnet. This is super simple to do and it will cost you next semester's tuition either so invite some of your custom wooden beer pong tables buddies on this one because you might even get a free drink out of it to get started.

You'll first need for the table a 3/4 inch plywood cut 8 feet by 2 feet or desired for the tabletop you can have the shop pre-cut the plywood to size as needed if you're doing it yourself as shown in the tutorial you'll need access to additional tools and may want the aid of someone with woodworking experience in this operation for space efficiency our table is going to fold in half, so you'll need a pair of folding legs a power drill screws sandpaper or sander continuous hinge or piano hinge gloss make sure it's waterproof or polyurethane sealant paintbrush to apply the sealant a hacksaw and a measuring tape for the items that you don't already have.

You can get them at your local hardware store and lumber shop since the design will be of your own creation in choosing custom fraternity beer pong tables will cover everything you need to get to that point put the design you'll need primer paint of your choice paint brushes painters tape as an option use decals or stencils now let's get this operation underway if your plywood is not already pre-cut the first step is cutting out the tabletop measure a width of 2 feet or enough space to accommodate the railings and folding legs and cut it down lengthwise measure the exact center of your table then cut it in half with the extra piece of plywood.

Use a table saw and cut out for two-inch wide strips for the table aprons or railings with a miter or circular saw cut out the table railings to size the four pieces will make the railing assembly for both halves of the table one method to assemble the frame is to run drywall screws through the ends and then securing the frame to each tabletop half the method in this tutorial involves pocket hole screws which will allow the fasteners be put on the inside where they won't be seen doing so will make for a nicer looking table but both methods will work just fine now get to drilling drill holes on the ends and along the size as needed for your railing pieces afterwards secure your rail assemblies together with screws repeat for the other frame set the frame in place and secure them to the table top halves with screws square up the alignment by starting with two opposite corners then secure the screws for the rest of the frame.

The next step is sanding your table halves be sure to sand the sides and also the corners as an option apply a coat or two of polyurethane to the underside of the table for added protection and a nicer finish before moving on now it's time to mark the piano hinge to the desired length trim off the excess using a hacksaw and begin mounting the piano hinge.

It may also help to secure the ends first before working through the middle now mount the pair of folding legs to your table with the hardware provided your table is just about done the last step it's in your hands the design so make sure that you use painters tape to make your line super straight last but not least apply 2 to 3 coats of waterproofing agent or polyurethane over your design allow each coat to dry before adding the next one and feel free to coat the sides and edges.

Now that you've got your design done it's time for your table to make its big debut let the games begin as an added bonus make your table easier to transport and store by mounting a hasp and handle thanks for watching stay tuned for the next edition of ereplacementparts.com got a broken tool or piece of equipment slowing down your operation save time and money on costly repairs by visiting us online today we'll not only get you the part you need but also the help to fix custom beer pong tables with lightsdescription for more details it's perfect for dorm parties sporting events even just chilling with your friends on the weekends a little beer pong get everybody together number a good times


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